Friday, October 9, 2015


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7 comments: the best way to stop cyber bulies

I was bullied when i was 6 until i was 13 it was so rude what the kids said to me what they did to and they ignored me and didn't involve me i felt like killing myself. Well until I went to my parents and they told me i am better what they said about me. Don't let your self down what a person says its there actions not yours. You didn't do nothing to them they are the ones who are hurting you.

Who said this quote? It's awesome. I'd love to use it in the So Not Okay Anti-Bullying program for tween girls. Anybody know?

Nice Representation.. Remember that you are unique in this universe.. I love it.. Its giving all detail about stop bullying .. Thank you too much.. Keep posting....

I love this quote. It's one of our favorites next to, "I'm silly" as a way to promote against bullies. We ended up making a video about it on our youtube channel which you can check it out here:

Do you know where the quote originates from?

This is a great song and video about being bullied.

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